Gridiron Booster Club

Who We Are.
The Gridiron Booster Club is Stoga football's booster club comprised of parent volunteers.

What We Do.
We help support the team through volunteering, raising money and contributing funds to better enhance our football program and the players experience.  Funds raised by the booster club help to fund the following:

  • New practice and exercise equipment
  • Kick Off Picnic, Game Day Snacks and Pizza Parties
  • End of the Season Banquet, Banquet Awards & Gifts
  • Game Films
  • Sportswear for the Coaches & Players
  • Senior Night

How You Can Help.
Families, friends and fans of Stoga football can become a Friend of the Gridiron Booster Club which will provide a tremendous source of income to our football program.  With your donation,  you will receive free passes to all of the home games and 1 free program per familyYour donation will help the Gridiron Booster Club assist all of our football teams and you will never have to wait in line to purchase your tickets!

Please notes this program is now closed for the 2022 football season. Please check back next year to become a Friend of the Gridiron Booster Club for the 2023 season!

Any questions, please contact Nikki Kent at [email protected]

- Executive Board -

Presidents - Kate Miller (2024)
Vice President - Leigh Anne Eaton (2023)
Treasurer - Stephanie Nichols (2024)
Secretary - Danyll Lockett (2025)

- Board Members at Large -

Lauren Allred (2023)
Dawn Capone (2023)

Jay Carpenter (2023)
Dana Cook (2024)
Courtney Costigan (2023 and 2024)
Tom Darlington (2024)
Dave Eaton (2023)
Melissa Hough (2026)
Amy Friend (2024)
Nicole Kent (2024)
Danyll Lockett (2025)

Courtney O'Brien (2024)
Krista Ross (2024)
Wendi Quici (2023)
Tricia Scudder (2025)
Todd Whann (2024)
Cara Wiechecki (2025)

Dave and Laura Yancoskie (2024 and 2026)

- 2022 Committees -

Freshmen Class Coordinators - Melissa Hough and Laura Yancoskie
Ads & Program Book - Dave Yancoskie
Friends of the Gridiron Booster Club - Nikki Kent
"Kickoff" Picnic -Kate Miller
Service Projects -
Merchandise (online) - Tom Darlington
Merchandise (stadium and special requests) - Wendi Quici
Merchandise (coaches) - Courtney Costigan
Senior Night - Nikki Kent and Tricia Scudder

Year End Banquet - Steph Nichols and Dana Cook
Photography - Dave and Leigh Anne Eaton
Website - Laura Yancoskie
Media - Courtney O'Brien
Blackout Night - Lauren Allred
Game Day Rosters - Amy Friend, Dana Cook and Melissa Hough
Parent Social - Krista Ross
Half Time Bananas - Kate Miller
Home Dinners -
Away Dinners - Nikki Kent
Yearbook -
Raffle - TBD Next Year


- 2022 Friends of the Gridiron Club -

Garnet & Gray
The Irvine Family
The Marturano Family
The Miller Family
The Newhall Family

The Allred Family
The Bruder Family
The Campbell Family
The Darlington Family
The Eaton Family
The Kent Family
The Mackey Family
The Merschel Family
The Morrill Family
The Nichols Family
The Roibu Family
The Ryan Family
The Shoup Family
The Yancoskie Family

The Arbes Family
The Balewitz/Hazel Family
The Bradley Family
The Bruder Family
The Dimartini Family
The Evers Family
The Gilmartin Family
The Lyons Family
The McGrath Family
The Monroe Family
The Morrissey Family
The O'Brien Family
The Rantanen Family
The Ross Family
The Sarmento Family
The Steigerwalds Family
The Sturgis Family
The Tharnish Family
The Wang Family
The Whann Family
The White Family

The Bell Family
The Lockett Family